General Clinic - Dr. Francisco Marques

Family doctors are specialist physicians trained in the principles of the Discipline. Are personal medical, primarily responsible for the provision of comprehensive care and continued to all individuals who seek, regardless of age, sex or condition. Take care of individuals in the context of their families, communities and cultures, while respecting the autonomy of their patients.

Osteopathy - Dr. Joaquim Alves

Osteopathy is a stand-alone system of primary health care, which is based on the differential diagnosis, as well as in the treatment of various diseases, and prevention of health, without the use of drugs or surgery. Osteopathy emphasizes its action centered on the patient, instead of the conventional system centered on the disease.
Osteopathy uses several manual therapeutic techniques, including the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles and joints) to help in the treatment of diseases.

Orthopaedics - Dr. Rui Vitó

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that takes care of diseases and deformities of the bones, muscles, ligaments, joints (musculoskeletal-related elements).
Trauma is the medical specialty that deals with the trauma of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Paediatrics - Dra. Filipa Cunha

Pediatrics is the medical specialty devoted to assistance children and adolescents, in its various aspects, whether preventive or curative.
Preventive aspects involve actions such as breastfeeding, immunizations (vaccines), prevention of accidents, as well as the monitoring and the necessary guidelines to a healthy growth and development (childcare).

Podiatry - Dr. Romeu Plácido

Podiatry is a branch of the health sciences that aims at the prevention, study, research and treatment of pathological processes of the foot.

Psychology - Dra. Isabel Amaral

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes.
Clinical Psychology is part of Psychology dedicated to the study of mental disorders and psychological aspects of mental disease. Its themes include the etiology, classification, diagnosis, epidemiology, intervention (prevention, counseling, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, access to health, evaluation).

Speech therapy - Dra. Ana Novo

The speech therapist is the professional responsible for the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and scientific study of human communication and related disorders at the level of speech and language as well as amendments relating to the hearing, visual, cognitive functions, oro-muscular, breathing, swallowing and voice.











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