Safety at Work

Hygiene and safety at work, regulated by Law 102\\\\\\\\/2009 of 10 September aims at the prevention of hazardous situations in the workplace, through the identification and control of various agents as the physical, chemical and biological that focus on a work environment.
The GOLDENSAÚDE – Clínica Médica e de Serviços, Lda, while authorized company for the provision of External Services of safety and health at work, based on their services in different steps consist in identifying risks; determination of afectabilidade and its mechanisms; construction of a protocol of prevention and evaluation of applicability; registration of results and revaluation of the procedure when necessary.


• Safety Audits
• Identification of Hazards and Risk Assessment
• Assessment of Occupational Noise Levels
• Thermal Environment Evaluation
• Evaluation of Illuminance Levels
• Ergonomic Risk Assessment
• Assessment of Facilities (Fire-Fighting Means, Signaling and Other)
• Control and Analysis of Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases (With Accompanying Through our Medical Clinic)
• Fill in Annex D of the Unic Report
• Monitoring on Implementation of Corrective Actions
• Support in Choice of Personal Protective Equipment
• Support the Installation of Fire-Fighting and Safety Signs

Occupational Medicine

The health job is the medical specialty whose action falls upon the binomial Man-Work, in its various dimensions, since the verification of physical and mental fitness of potential employees when your recruitment, through vigilance and monitoring of the effects of work on the health of workers.


• Admission
• Periodicals
• Occasional

• blood and urine
• screening for alcohol consumption and drugs

Complementary Examinations of Diagnosis
• Electrocardiogram
• Spirometry
• Ophthalmological Screening
• Audiogram

Information and Health Education
• awareness actions and Surveys on various topics


Safety system designed to prevent, or minimise, the food risks, through the monitoring of the factors capable of affecting the quality of food with regard to the likelihood of chemical, physical or biological contamination of foods.

The implementation of this system is conducted in three phases:
• Needs Assessment - through audit, which will seek to verify compliance with the legal requirements relating to premises and equipment,
• Training - Through small clarification sessions, the training of handlers is crucial for good hygiene practices and Manufacture.
• Application of the principles of the system, based on the methodology of HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Clinical Analyses

Set of examinations and tests carried out at the request of the doctor for a diagnosis or confirmation of a pathology or for a checkup (routine examination).

With technicians with a lot of experience in the area, the GOLDENSAÚDE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s coming to you in case you need.


Nursing is the art of nursing, science whose essence and specificity is the assistance and care of human beings, individually, in family or in the community of full mode.

The GOLDENSAÚDE has a permanent nursing service with more than thirty years of experience and assistance to the community and businesses.

We have agreement with almost all of the insurance companies.

Sports Medicine

Medical examinations are an essential instrument to assess the fitness or unfitness of the sports practitioners for the performance of your practice, representing an important means of screening of certain pathologies or clinical situations, especially in young people.

In this context, the médico-desportivo examination becomes mandatory in all situations and for all sports practitioners, referees, judges and timekeepers are affiliated or which intend to join federations with sports utilities.

According to the Decree No. 11318/2009, the frequency of médico-desportivo is an annual examination.


• Medical Consultation
• Electrocardiogram
• Spirometry
• Visual Acuity
• Other Analyses